Disneyland - Shopping

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Adventureland Bazaar


Hunt for exotic treasures from the wilds far and near, including some very familiar Disney favorites.
  • Souvenirs from the jungles of the Lion King
  • Keepsakes from the deserts of Aladdin's lore
  • Plush wild animals
  • Unique gifts from faraway lands
This attraction is Only at the Disneyland® Resort

Autopia Winner's Circle


Motor in to this fun, checkered-flag decorated shop for all your Autopia souvenirs.

  • Miniature cars based on the distinctive Autopia models
  • Championship accessories
  • Winning Tee-shirts

Briar Patch


Hop into this wonderful woodland shop where you'll find a wide array of hats and other select Disney merchandise.

  • Mickey Mouse ear hats
  • Silly and sassy hats for kids of all ages

China Closet


Be dazzled by the glistening china, porcelain and ceramic treasures that would be a treasure in any home.

  • Disney collectible china
  • Fun snow globes
  • Special seasonal items



Don't miss the window shopping at this store, famed for its imaginative and always-changing displays. This old-time Victorian general store has the widest selection of merchandise in Disneyland® park.

  • Disney apparel
  • Plush toys
  • Character hats and sweat shirts
  • A myriad of mementoes
  • Souvenirs celebrating special events and attractions

Fantasy Faire Gifts


March on over to this convenient open-air stand along the parade route. Film is readily available as the magic of the parade begins.

  • Postcards
  • Film
  • Special Fantasyland souvenirs

Gag Factory - Toontown Five & Dime


Laugh it up at the Gag Factory, chock full o' hilarious goodies. If your sides don't ache too much, spend some time next door at Toontown Five & Dime for fanciful Toon merchandise.

  • Magic tricks
  • Practical jokes
  • Fun-filled toys
  • Toon apparel and souvenirs

Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost


Unearth great Indy gear that's perfect for your next archeological dig.
  • Official Indiana Jones merchandise
  • Indy hats
  • Egyptian artifacts
  • Jewelry and more

"it's a small world" Toy Shop


For pretty dolls galore
And shelves filled with toys
Come visit the best store
For good girls and boys!

Step inside and find your favorite toys:
  • Collectible dolls
  • Hot Wheels©
  • Popular Disney Toys for Tots
  • And many more!

La Mascarade d'Orleans


Take part in the hottest craze — Disney pin trading — at this shop that is filled with everything you need to add to your collection, or start one up. Pin trading aficionados and Guests looking for a special keepsake frequent this fun-filled store.

  • Limited and open edition pins
  • Lanyard starter sets
  • Accessories


Be charmed by this convenient little Swiss souvenir chalet offering cool keepsakes.

  • Character Tee-shirts
  • Disney collectibles
  • Small gifts

Market House


Gather 'round the cozy potbellied stove, play a friendly game of checkers or sample the wares in this quaint, old-fashioned general store.

  • Tasty candy
  • Gourmet treats, such as pastas
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Household furnishings



Good news! Whether you are inside or outside of Disneyland®;; park you can shop at this well-located souvenir stand.

  • Film, postcards and small gift items
  • Great final opportunity in the Park for your last-minute shopping needs

Penny Arcade


Step back in time to an arcade full of simple family fun.

  • Penny candies
  • Saltwater taffy
  • Old-fashioned penny arcade games
  • Esmeralda, the Fortune Teller knows all!

Pieces of Eight


If it's pirate treasures you be seekin', matey, you've come to the right place!

  • Pirate clothing
  • Play knives and swords
  • Skulls and other scary loot

Pioneer Mercantile


Discover enough wild western stock here to supply any frontier family.

  • Old West books and videos
  • Davy Crocket and Pocahontas toys
  • Western Disney Character merchandise

Pooh Corner


Take a delightful romp through the Hundred-Acre Wood as you shop amongst the Winnie the Pooh merchandise inspired by Winnie and his pals Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and Christopher Robin. Plus, be sure to stop by Pooh's Hunny Spot for some delectable sweets and homemade goodies.

  • Pooh and friends plush toys
  • Infant, kid and adult apparel
  • Homemade candies and treats

Little Green Men Store Command


Blast off to the ultimate destination for Disney pins, pin trading accessories and out-of-this-world Buzz Lightyear merchandise. Galactic goodies include:

  • Buzz Lightyear figures, toys and apparel
  • Open and limited edition pins to trade and collect
  • Lanyards, pin collecting cases and other accessories

South Seas Traders


Beat the heat with a variety of cool clothes and hats in this shop where the island spirit lives.

  • Hawaiian shirts
  • Jungle Cruise apparel
  • Suntan lotion

The Star Trader


"May the store be with you." In this expansive shop there's a galaxy of merchandise, including:

  • Star Wars collectibles
  • Disney Character merchandise
  • Sportswear
  • Hats
  • Glassware
  • Watches

Stromboli's Wagon


This convenient cart is a Fantasyland fixture filled with fanciful gifts and treats.

  • Yummy candy
  • Disney Character Tee-shirts
  • Small keepsakes such as key chains, pens and buttons

20th Century Music Company - Enjoy a wide variety of Disney music in this vintage music shop.

Bonanza Outfitters - Stop by this Disney pin trader's paradise. It's the ultimate destination for avid pin collectors and traders as well as novices. Find the perfect addition to your collection, or start one today with our wide selection of pins and accessories.

Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen - Delight in this delicious destination for scrumptious sweets.

Cristal d'Orleans - Cut a groove to this fine crystal shop for exceptional etched, cut, colored and clear crystal and glass.

Crystal Arts - Dream of exquisite glass gifts as you gaze into the splendor of the crystal Sleeping Beauty Castle sparkling in the shop window.

Disneyana - Take home some of the magic with your own piece of Disney art or a fine collectible.

Disney Clothiers, Ltd. - Follow the latest trends in clothing, with a Disney twist, at this apparel shop where good style is always in fashion.

Disney Showcase - Find a wide array of Disney items at this one-stop shopping destination where you'll find 50th Anniversary souvenirs, including the Happiest Homecoming On Earth retro and upscale items.

Hatmosphere - Find a cap for any occasion! Whether you're looking for a sorcerer's hat, Mickey Mouse ears, or you just want to look Goofy, we've got the perfect fit for you!

Castle Heraldry - Get in touch with your heritage by exploring your family tree in this shop offering personalized plaques, clothing and certificates.

Jewel of Orleans - Tempt yourself with this dazzling display of fine rare and estate jewelry.

Le Bat en Rouge - Discover this rogue's gallery of merchandise and sinister souvenirs in this treasure of a shop set in the alleyways of New Orleans Square.

L'Ornement Magique - Deck your halls with these unique holiday creations available every wonderful day of the year.

Mad Hatter - A trip to Disneyland® Resort is just not complete without getting your own mouse ears or one of the other crazy Character caps, hats or visors from this popular Fantasyland shop. Have your name embroidered inside to mark a memory-in-the-making, and wear your identity on your head!

Main Street Magic Shop - Faster than you can say "hocus pocus" you're on your way to becoming a master of illusion.

Main Street Photo Supply Co.View and purchase all the magical memories captured by the professional Disney photographers throughout the Park. Choose from different photo sizes and packages.

New Century Jewelry - From costume to fine jewelry, everything here sparkles with style - especially the Guests.

New Century Timepieces - Take more than a second to sweep through this shop with an extensive collective of distinctive watches and clocks.

Once Upon a Time ... The Disney Princess Shoppe - Dream royally as you enter this regal shop in the heart of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Little princesses can find a big selection of crowns, gowns and nary a frown in sight.

Parasol Cart - Southern Belles and gentlemen often find that the glaring rays of the sun are a trifle harsh. Find an escape at this quaint New Orleans cart.